Are You Looking For A Job In Finance And Accounts? SuperCFO Is Your Answer.

Junking the mail box with mails of little significance or spam is a normal occurrence for all of us nowadays. In relation to the headhunting and search industry, as a CFO or a Finance Controller, when was the last time you put your resume on a head-hunting portal and got your mailbox junked by irrelevant mails? All the time right? Senior and mid career finance and accounts professionals like you deserve to utilize their time in a much more efficient manner

The truth is there are very few organizations that understand the kind of work a CFO or a Finance Controller or any Senior Finance and Account professional does. Fortunately, SuperCFO is one of them! Our expert CFO Partners and Business Managers work closely with dozens of companies supporting their Finance and Accounts departments. SuperCFO has been a pioneer in the provision of Virtual CFO, Interim CFO and Special Purpose CFO Business solutions in India. SuperCFO has built a successful headhunting solution for CFOs and Finance Controllers on the success of the Virtual CFO business model.

The niche expertise with CFO solutions, a strong database and vibrant and growing online and offline network with the global finance, accounts and management community gives SuperCFO a headway in successful completion of client mandates within expected Turn Around Times and superior quality. As a result, at SuperCFO we are always standing next to your next career opportunity. Once we get to know you, we are able to identify exactly the right kind of companies and job profiles you could be exploring. The team makes sure that you as a prospective candidate are assured of a meeting with the powers that be in the mandated companies. All this, with an emphasis on discussions, and not cliched interviews.


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