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SuperChat with SuperCFO- Deepak Goel

SuperChat with SuperCFO: Deepak GoelThis week on the SuperChat with SuperCFO series, we are proud to present Deepak Goel, a well-rounded professional with sound knowledge and a rewarding experience thus far. He has the distinction of becoming the CFO of Hoppers Crossing Club Ltd, Australia, within just 8 years of entering the finance and accounts profession. Deepak is married with a son and lives in Melbourne, Australia where he heads the Accounting and Finance division of Hopper’s Crossing Club Ltd, Australia. Despite being born in India and with work in Australia, Deepak does not have a craze for Cricket, but loves Tennis, Golf and Soccer. He is a self-confessed techno geek who worships Apple and swears by his iPad and iPod. Please read on to know many more facets of his interesting persona……….

Education: MBA Finance from Australian Business School, Master of Accounting & Finance from Central Queensland University, and Master Of Commerce from Osmania University in India.
Companies Worked with: Hoppers Crossing Club Ltd, Australia; Central Sky Lounge Apartments, Australia; Spotless, Australia; Storm Sustainability, Australia; Mirvac, Australia.

SuperCFO: What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job apart from formal training?

Deepak Goel:

1) Strategy

2) Translation

3) Facilitation

4) Leadership

5) Communication

SuperCFO: Who is your role model and why?

Deepak Goel: Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of Reliance Industries – born in middle class family, he was a WEALTH CREATOR, studied 10th but he is the Best Teacher. His 1st Job was a clerk at A.Besse & Co in Aden but started Reliance. He proved that the richest of the world are not born wealthy but have created wealth with their smart working ideas and hardworking capabilities.

SuperChat with SuperCFO: Deepak GoelSuperCFO: What has been your biggest achievement professionally?

Deepak Goel: I have been fortunate to have been awarded the Chief Financial Officer / Director role after a journey of more than 8 years in Finance.

SuperChat with SuperCFO: Deepak Goel

SuperCFO: Who are the 3 Corporate Honchos you admire a lot and why?

Deepak Goel:

Jeffrey N Edwards – Merrill lynch Financial Services, top paid Corporate CFO.

Warren Buffett – Worlds famous investor with $46 billion fortune, raised the stock market to different direction.

Mukesh Ambani – Top ten richest of the world.

SuperCFO: Which are the 3 companies you admire a lot and why?SuperChat with SuperCFO: Deepak Goel

Deepak Goel:

1) Microsoft – Best Interface Software ever manufactured.

2) The Wright Brothers – Invented and flew the first powered and piloted airplane- no country would have known other countries or would have grown as today.

3) Apple – Best Technology ever manufactured – iPhones and iPads- Never been as convenient as today without these devices.

SuperCFO: Assume that you are indulging in role play. If you were given the position of the Finance Minister of your country, what would your top priority agenda items be?

Deepak Goel:

1) Control Inflation.

2) Encourage more Exports.

3) Create more employment by encouraging more foreign investments in manufacturing sector.

SuperCFO: What would you advise aspiring CFOs on dos and don’ts to become a successful CFO?

SuperChat with SuperCFO: Deepak GoelDeepak Goel:


1) Good working relationship with the CEO’s.

2) Accounting and financial acumen of any good accountant, combined with top-notch presentation and communication skills.


1) Trying to take on all of the CFO’s responsibilities is a sure way to fail quickly.

2) Betraying your integrity or ethics is the worst thing anyone would ever do.

SuperCFO: What are your 3 “Must Ask” questions in an interview?

Deepak Goel:

 •  Work Experience and achievements related to work.

 •  Personal achievements in other areas.

 •  Any Community work done – as it shows the nature of personality one is after office hours.

SuperCFO: Which is one accounting software that has impressed you and why?

Deepak Goel: Any accounting software you go for is not a complete and perfect one, as none of them have been made with a specific objective. Every company/CFO has different objectives in mind and would like to have a specific software meeting their own criteria. SAP is more efficient compared to any other software.

SuperCFO: How do you manage talent with in your team?

Deepak Goel: People work most productively in environments which provide them with opportunities to satisfy their motivational needs. I encourage them to want to move in the direction of achieving organizational goals while at the same time achieving their own personal goals.

SuperCFO: Are you a gizmo freak? What is your favorite gadget?

Deepak Goel: Yes of course I am. I love my iphone, ipad, Laptop and PS3

SuperCFO: What is your favorite piece of literature?

Deepak Goel: I am not a reading person and never have. I love to see, listen and learn than read literatures.

SuperCFO: Any sport that you are passionate about?

Deepak Goel: I am an exceptional Indian and not after Cricket. I play Tennis, Badminton, Soccer and Golf. Love to play video games with my Son in leisure time.

SuperChat with SuperCFO: Deepak GoelSuperCFO: Describe some of the activities that you undertake to de stress yourself?

Deepak Goel: Music – Listening to songs is the best activity; i usually do to de stress myself.

Dance – I love dancing to any tune- good exercise and better health with peace of mind.

SuperCFO: What has been your favorite vacation destination and why?

Deepak Goel: Tasmania – Best natural beauties with White sand beaches, blue oceans, green rain forests and great food. I am a nature loving person and would like to spend my time in leisure. Wake up late in the green rain forests, go for a walk on the white sand beach and have my hot breaky by blue oceans, make me feel wonderful.

SuperChat with SuperCFO: Deepak Goel